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North Canton Students Junior Achievement Group
January 15, 2020

North Canton Students Use Business to Inspire Positivity in and Outside of the Classroom

A group of students from Hoover High School in North Canton, Ohio, started You Choose, a Junior Achievement business to promote positivity.

Allyson Rey
Allyson Rey
Family of four sitting in a park
December 10, 2019

You’re Not a Bad Parent if Your Child Needs Support for their Mental Health

If your child comes to you with an issue that may be impacting their mental health, you might feel guilty. However, they simply need your support.

Elena M. Aslanides-Kandis
Elena M. Aslanides-Kandis
Person holding a white bowl that being filled with soup by someone else
November 19, 2019

Fighting Hunger and Homelessness During the Holidays

For Stark County residents who struggle with hunger and homelessness, the holidays can be really difficult to get through. Learn about local resources

Marcie Bragg
Marcie Bragg
People attending a substance use group counseling meeting
October 28, 2019

CHANCE Program Helps People with Substance Use in Stark County

The CHANCE Program gives individuals in Stark County a chance to address substance use through intensive treatment. Learn more about this program.

Skylar Woods
Skylar Woods
Family at Stark County Teen Court 2
October 7, 2019

How Teen Court Benefits Defendants, Participants, the Court and the Community

Teen Court is an alternative to traditional juvenile court & prevents recidivism with youth-to-youth accountability. Learn about its impact on Stark County.

Skylar Woods
Skylar Woods
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