Developmental disabilities service eligibility

To receive services from Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities, children must meet a list of requirements determined by Service and Support Administration (SSA) intake specialists. Eligibility must be re-determined at ages 3, 6 and 16, but the initial request for services can take place at any time.

Who is eligible for services from Stark DD?

Find the complete list of requirements by age group for service eligibility from Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

How to prepare

When you submit a request for services from Stark DD, you should have your documentation on hand, including proof of residency in Stark County, your birth certificate or another form of age identification and evidence of when the disability occurred.

There are many times the Stark County developmental disabilities process may require you to produce identification documents, so it is important to maintain good records throughout life.

Three steps for requesting services

Complete the following steps to request service from Stark DD and view the eligibility guide to find out what to expect before, during and after your assessment:

  1. The parent or guardian of a child needing services should call (330) 479-3582 to request a referral from an SSA intake specialist.
  2. You will be required to submit records verifying a qualifying diagnosis from a medical professional. You can provide the records yourself, ask your doctor to fax the records to the SSA intake specialist or submit a release form allowing the intake specialist to obtain the records directly.
  3. If there is a qualifying diagnosis identi­fied, the records and referral will be sent on to the SSA eligibility specialist who will set up a time for an official assessment, which can be conducted in-person or over the phone.