Detox services

Detox is when a person who is experiencing symptoms of substance use withdrawal is supervised by a team of medical professionals and recovery coaches. New patients go through a comprehensive assessment and nursing evaluation before visiting with a doctor to determine a course of treatment. Once a plan is established, individuals receive medication monitoring, case management and counseling services to support their recovery.

Detox locations

Recently, the services offered at Crisis Intervention and Recovery Center (CIRC) have transitioned to other community providers. As a result, detox services and 23-hour beds will now be provided by CommQuest, a local counseling and recovery resource. Their detox centers deliver urgent treatment for Stark County residents who struggle with substance use.

CommQuest Detox at Aultman Main Campus

The inpatient detox program uses a combination of medication, counseling, and case management services to begin the recovery process. More information

2600 6th St SW
Canton, OH 44710
Phone: (330) 830-3393

Sunrise Vista Behavioral Health

At Sunrise Vista, we are capable of providing the medical needs associated with substance abuse disorders in individuals also experiencing mental health related symptoms as long as the individual has a primary mental health diagnosis.
1223 Market Ave North
Canton, OH 44714
Phone: 844-942-3007