How to Find Warming Centers This Winter

By Ashley Jarvis on December 21, 2022

Northeast Ohio can get very cold in the winter. As the season approaches, we’re all hoping for mild weather. When freezing temperatures do occur, those who need a warm place to stay can watch for news regarding local warming centers.

What is a warming center?

Warming centers are opened to provide respite from extreme cold. The centers are free and open to the public. Some are open overnight, while others are open for set blocks of time throughout the day.

How can I find a warming center near me?

Look for news about warming centers on your tv, in the newspaper, on the radio or on social media, such as Facebook. When the city of Canton opens warming centers in response to extreme cold, the information will be released to the media and located on the city Facebook page (@cantoncityupdates). For other areas in Stark County, watch your local media, call your mayor’s office or check out their Facebook pages.

How can I get to a warming center?

The City of Canton works with SARTA to provide rides to local warming centers. This information will also be released with the location of the centers.

If you don’t have access to adequate heat and need help with basic needs, or are experiencing homelessness, you can search Stark County Help Central’s site for local assistance. Or, contact a Stark Help Central navigator at 330.452.6000 for assistance.

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