How school districts throughout Stark County are addressing safety concerns

By Geoff Wagner on January 2, 2019

School safety starts with smart initiatives

The goal in Stark County is to keep every student safe – physically, socially and emotionally. If students don’t feel safe, they’re not able to perform at their best academically. There are a lot of dangers that young people face in schools today, and it is our responsibility to make sure these students are well taken care of, from the moment they arrive at school. Watch the video below to learn about Stark County school safety resources.

Some of the key initiatives that have been put in place to create a safer environment in our schools are things like increased security, CARE Teams, mental health clinicians and Youth Mobile Crisis Unit. When students are experiencing an issue, they can go to their school administrators and guidance counselors for referrals to mental health specialists and other relevant resources.

Learn more about school safety in Stark County.

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