Medicaid waivers & paying for services

With Medicare waivers, people with disabilities are able to receive care in their homes and communities instead of hospitals, nursing homes or other care facilities. There is currently a waiting list and certain criteria must be met to enroll, so it is important to start the application process early. Visit the Stark DD Navigation Tool to learn more.

Steps for waiver enrollments

Typically for someone to receive a Medicaid waiver, they either meet emergency criteria or are next on the waiting list. Find the steps for determining your eligibility and starting the application process.

  • Contact Stark DD to discuss your options and eligibility
  • Determine the type of Medicaid waiver best suited to your needs
  • Complete the required waiver application packet with help from a County Board Service and Support Administrator (SSA)
  • Submit the application to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD)
  • Call (844) 640-OHIO (6446) to apply for Medicaid through Stark County Job & Family Services
  • Maintain your eligibility and renew your benefits annually
  • An SSA will complete a level of care assessment to determine if you are eligible for a waiver, if you have met emergency criteria or if you are next on the wait list

Learn more about application and eligibility from Stark DD.

If eligible, does an individual receive a waiver automatically?

No. A waiver cannot be offered until funding, both local and federal, is available. Until then, names remain on the waiting list unless one of the following situations occurs, requiring immediate assistance. If someone meets the below criteria and no funding or waiver slots are available, they will go on the waiting list until resources become available:

  • Without assistance within 30 days, an emergency situation could cause substantial risk for self-harm or harm to others
  • An individual has intense needs or their caregiver is over the age of 60

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Early intervention

Stark County Early Intervention

Providing support and services to children under the age of 3 who have or are at risk of having developmental delays.
Eastgate Early Childhood and Family Center, 2121 Ashland St.
Louisville, OH 44641
Phone: (330) 479-3448
Referrals: 1 (800) 755-4769
Referrals: 1 (800) 755-4769