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  • Suicide prevention: young adults

    The transition to adulthood is a time of significant changes and challenges. As you seek full-time employment, experience changes in your relationships and move toward independent living, life can feel overwhelming. No matter why you are hurting, it is important to remember you are not alone. Find mental health service providers and emotional support resources for young adults in Stark County.

    • Abuse & neglect: young adults

      No matter when it initially takes place, the effects of abuse often extend well into adulthood, significantly impacting a person’s physical and mental health. It is important for those who have struggled or are still dealing with the turmoil of abuse and neglect to get the help they need to move forward in a positive, healing direction. Find resources in Stark County dedicated to lifting up survivors of abuse and neglect.

      • Prenatal care

        For expecting mothers, preparing for a healthy birth starts long before labor and delivery. From conception until you bring your baby home, get the early and regular prenatal care you need for a happy and healthy pregnancy. There are many affordable prenatal care providers available here in Stark County.

        • Suicide prevention for Stark County children, teens and young adults
          If someone you know is hurting, don’t stop encouraging them to seek support. There is a community rooting for them to keep going.
          • Signs of peer pressure

            No young person is completely immune from peer influence. While we hope most are able to resist the temptation to make harmful choices, that is not always the case. Seek help from school counselors or mental health professionals if you notice the following behaviors. They could be signs of peer pressure in teens.

            • Stress management
              Stress impacts us all at one point or another, and everyone handles stress differently. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or experiencing severe stress over an extended period of time, consider reaching out to a mental health professional for guidance. Find tips and suggestions for coping with stress as well as local organizations that can help.
              • You are not alone
                Growing up can be a challenging and isolating experience, but the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. No matter the adversity you might be facing, find the encouragement you need to move forward in a positive direction. Stark Help Central is a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for young people of all ages and backgrounds.
                • Resiliency
                  When it feels like life has more downs than ups, Stark County organizations are available to help build resiliency. This important life skill can help young people bounce back from life’s challenges without the same risk for anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions later in life. Get started with local mental health and resiliency resources today.
                  • Childhood resiliency

                    Childhood is often considered a happy, carefree time, but children are not always shielded from trauma and turmoil. From bullying and divorce to abuse and grief, kids can be exposed to many of life’s challenges. For these children, resiliency skills can help them discover ways to cope with difficult situations and move forward.

                    • Family planning

                      If you are unsure about the family planning methods available to you and want to learn more about your options, you are not alone. Find local resources, programs and community organizations providing reproductive health services for individuals and couples in Stark County.

                      • Traumatic childhood events

                        Experiencing a hurricane, witnessing family abuse, the death of a loved one, a school shooting –  these are just some examples of traumatic events that can have a long-term negative impact on a child. How a child recovers from such adversity can determine their future success in school and in how they relate to family and friends.

                        • If someone you love is at risk

                          We all have an important role in the mission to end suicide. If you suspect someone you love is at risk, contact law enforcement, a national hotline or a mental health provider right away. Taking action could help prevent a tragedy and save a life. Reach out today for free, confidential guidance and support.

                          • Trauma for teens & young adults
                            When a young person loses a loved one, sees violence in their home, experiences abuse or witnesses a national tragedy, these are traumatic events that can have serious and long-term impacts. Without social support to understand and communicate their feelings, this trauma can manifest into guilt, shame and anxiety. Find resources to help teens and young adults in Stark County cope with trauma.
                            • Trauma counseling helps

                              For anyone who has experienced trauma, it is important to seek ongoing treatment with a mental health professional. Even if symptoms don’t appear right away, they can show up over time without the proactive support of compassionate counseling.

                              When symptoms do emerge and are left untreated, they can worsen over time and have a significant impact on a young person’s life. If you have experienced trauma and are unsure about the best ways to move forward,

                              • Effects of traumatic stress
                                There is no single way to respond to trauma, and each person who is affected will cope and heal in their own ways. Learn how to identify the effects of trauma and find resources in Stark County to help you move forward in a positive direction.
                                • HOPE Program Addresses Mental Health in Those on Probation
                                  Stark County’s HOPE Program is an alternative to prison for those who have a history of mental health issues and are involved in a probation offense.
                                  • Medicaid waivers & paying for services
                                    With Medicare waivers, people with disabilities are able to receive care in their homes and communities instead of hospitals, nursing homes or other care facilities. There is currently a waiting list and certain criteria must be met to enroll, so it is important to start the application process early.
                                    • 3 Reasons Why Nature is Good for Your Mental Health

                                      During the pandemic, everyone seemed to realize the importance of getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Think about how much lighter you feel after taking your dog for a walk. Or how energized your mind is after a hike in the woods. Or even consider the boost you get from a warm, sunshine-filled day. It should be no secret how nature helps our mental health.

                                      Let’s explore just a few of the ways nature and mental health are connected.

                                      • If you are being bullied
                                        Bullying can happen to anyone, and it’s important to remember that it’s not your fault. It can be emotional, like when someone uses unkind words or spreads rumors about you, or physical acts of fighting, tripping or hitting. When bullying happens online, it is considered cyberbullying. No matter how it happens, it is important that you report bullying to a trusted adult.
                                        • Children with incarcerated parents
                                          Having a parent in prison can have a significant impact on a child’s mental and behavioral health. To help reduce the risk for negative outcomes, such as depression, substance use and criminal behavior, it is important for communities to wrap around children with incarcerated parents.
                                          • Early childhood immunizations

                                            It is important that children receive immunizations early in life to help protect them from potentially life-threatening illnesses and diseases. If your child is behind on their shots, don’t worry. Your pediatric or primary care physician can help determine a make-up vaccination schedule, so your child can get safely back on track.

                                            • Emotional support: child custody
                                              Custody cases can mean tough transitions for everyone involved – whether determining who the child will live with, what school district they will be enrolled in or where they will spend the holidays. With professional emotional support, you and your child can learn to cope, heal and support each other every step of the way.
                                              • Safety plans
                                                For individuals in Stark County who are planning to leave or have recently left a violent relationship, a safety plan is a helpful tool.
                                                • Applying for disability

                                                  Do you feel that you or someone you know is eligible for disability services? If you are no longer able to work due to an illness, accident or injury, you may qualify for social security disability insurance in Stark County. Learn how to apply for disability assistance and get started today.

                                                  • Aging out of foster care

                                                    For young people from 16 to 21 in Stark County, independent living services are available during the transition out of foster care. Specialists can help with the coordination of services to help facilitate a happy and healthy journey toward adulthood. Learn more about the social and support services available to teens and young adults in the Stark County foster system.

                                                    • Mental & emotional support: childhood abuse & neglect
                                                      If you know a child that has experienced or is currently experiencing abuse or neglect, it is essential that they find a path to safety right away. Help young survivors of abuse find the counseling services they need to start the journey toward recovery.
                                                      • How school districts throughout Stark County are addressing safety concerns
                                                        The goal in Stark County is to keep every student safe. If students don’t feel safe, they’re not able to perform at their best academically.
                                                        • Traumatic event resources

                                                          Traumatic events can have long-lasting and profound impacts on children and young adults. The emotional and behavioral repercussions can present right away or even years later. Recognizing the signs early can help a family cope in the aftermath of a tragedy.

                                                          • Immediate assistance

                                                            If you or someone you know is in crisis, it is important to seek help immediately. No matter if you’re struggling with depression, substance use, relationship problems or family turmoil, free and confidential support is available. You are not alone and talking to someone could help save a life.

                                                            • Basic Needs: Early Childhood

                                                              If you are looking for pregnancy support, have a young child at home or need financial assistance to make ends meet, finding help is easier than ever. Learn about programs and organizations committed to providing basic needs to growing families in Stark County. Because no baby should go without the necessary items for a healthy and safe start to life.

                                                              • Important phone numbers & textline
                                                                Whether you are struggling with substance use, domestic or gang violence or negative peer influence, free and confidential support is available 24 hours a day. It’s important to know you’re not alone and the right treatment could be just a conversation away.
                                                                • Suicide warning signs

                                                                  To raise awareness and help save the lives of those thinking about suicide, it is important to understand and recognize the warning signs. Suicide is preventable, and we all play an important role. Learn how to identify the signs, start a dialogue and take action.

                                                                  • Public Benefits Assistance: Application & Eligibility

                                                                    Navigating life’s challenges is difficult enough. We’re here to make finding help for basic needs simple. Learn how to apply for cash, food and/or medical assistance and get started today. Cases are processed in the order they are received, so it is important to start the process as soon as possible.

                                                                    • Drugs & alcohol
                                                                      Young people may turn to alcohol and drugs as a way to numb emotional pain from personal trauma or as result of peer influence. Youth substance use is a key contributor to problems at school, poor social relationships, motor vehicle accidents and mental health issues. With professional treatment, recovery is possible.
                                                                      • Coping with abuse & neglect
                                                                        Each child whose life is affected by abuse or neglect will react differently to the trauma. There is no right or wrong response to childhood abuse, but there are many local resources available to help children manage the effects.
                                                                        • Introducing
                                                                 provides information and support to youth, young adults and engaged members of our community.
                                                                          • Basic Needs: Childhood

                                                                            In order to grow up happy and healthy, kids need a roof over their heads, food on the table and access to quality medical care. Unfortunately, this is not a reality for many of Stark County’s youngest residents. Find local organizations connecting children in our community with the basic items they need to thrive. Together, we can help keep our kids safe and supported.

                                                                            • Information on Stark County’s COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout
                                                                              As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, it’s important to stay up to date on information for getting the vaccine in Stark County. Learn more.
                                                                              • How to be an advocate for youth in your Stark County community
                                                                                Learn how you can find and share resources to be an advocate for youth in your Stark County community.
                                                                                • Basic needs: adulthood

                                                                                  Stark County offers a wide range of basic needs services from food, medicine and family assistance as well as targeted services for veterans, those in substance abuse recovery, homeless persons, parents and more.

                                                                                  Coleman Crisis Services

                                                                                  If you need immediate help, or are experiencing a mental health crisis, professional and confidential consultation is available

                                                                                  Walk-in Clinic: 24/7 Crisis Services

                                                                                  Call-in Clinic: 24/7 Crisis Services

                                                                                  2421 13th Street NW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44708
                                                                                  24/7 Phone: (330) 452-6000
                                                                                  24/7 Phone: (330) 452-6000
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Crisis Hotline

                                                                                  24/7 Phone #’s
                                                                                  National: 988 or 800-273-TALK(8255)
                                                                                  Hotline: 330-452-6000
                                                                                  Textline: 741741

                                                                                  Stark County Mobile Response Team offers free assistance from professionals trained in crisis intervention, information and referral to provide behavioral health services wherever you are, anytime of day or night.

                                                                                  Hotline: (330) 452-6000
                                                                                  Hotline: (330) 452-6000
                                                                                  Textline: Text 4hope to 741741
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Stark County Health Department (Naloxone kits)

                                                                                  Naloxone kits at the Stark County Health Department are available by appointment. If interested, please call (330) 451-1678.

                                                                                  Phone: (330) 451-1678
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Mercy Health Center of North Canton – STATCARE

                                                                                  6200 Whipple Ave. NW
                                                                                  North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Phone : (330) 616-3466
                                                                                  Hours: Monday – Sunday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Quality of Life Health Care Service, LLC

                                                                                  Quality of Life Health Care Service, LLC provides care services for those with developmental disabilities in Stark, Summit, and Portage counties.

                                                                                  2019 NE Maple Ave.
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44714
                                                                                  Phone: (234) 207-5944
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health: Plain Community

                                                                                  Mental and behavioral health services for children and families.

                                                                                  1811 Schneider St. NE
                                                                                  Door 6
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44721
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 470-4061
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Canton City Health Department: Project SWAP

                                                                                  Helping to curb the spread of HIV, hepatitis C and other blood-borne infections.

                                                                                  420 Market Ave. N
                                                                                  North Canton, OH 44702
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 489-3231
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health: Belden Village

                                                                                  Mental and behavioral health services for children and families.

                                                                                  4641 Fulton Dr. NW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44718
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 433-6075
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health: Shipley Office

                                                                                  Mental and behavioral health services for children and families.

                                                                                  919 2nd St. NE
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44704
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 454-7917
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery

                                                                                  Funding for mental health and addiction prevention, treatment and recovery support services. Visit their website for more information about StarkMHAR.

                                                                                  121 Cleveland Ave. SW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44702
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 455-6644
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  CommQuest Alliance

                                                                                  Alliance Outpatient

                                                                                  Addiction and mental health counseling, psychiatric services, case management, and rape crisis

                                                                                  1207 West State St.
                                                                                  Suites F & M
                                                                                  Alliance, OH 44601
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 821-8407
                                                                                  Fax: (330) 821-8506
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Summa Health Addiction Medicine Intensive Outpatient Program

                                                                                  Comprehensive evaluations and referrals for individuals with mental health and substance use problems.

                                                                                  3730 Whipple Ave. NW
                                                                                  Suite 5
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44718
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 491-9215
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  CommQuest Massillon

                                                                                  Addiction and mental health counseling, psychiatric services, case management, family housing, male residential addiction treatment, driver intervention program

                                                                                  130 1st St. NW
                                                                                  Massillon, OH 44647
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 833-0234
                                                                                  Fax: (330) 837-7705
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Refuge of Hope

                                                                                  Providing meals, clothing, and medical care for men, women, and children
                                                                                  Also provides shelter to homeless men – call the Stark County Homeless Hotline 330-452-4363

                                                                                  715 2nd St.
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44704
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 453-1785
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  ICAN Housing

                                                                                  Connecting people to housing, mental health services and community support in Stark County, Ohio.

                                                                                  Need help? Click here for first steps.

                                                                                  1214 Market Ave. N
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44714
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 455-9100
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Alliance Community Hospital

                                                                                  Health care facility dedicated to improving the health of Alliance residents and surrounding communities.

                                                                                  200 East State St.
                                                                                  Alliance, OH 44601
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 821-8503
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Louis Stokes Canton VA Outpatient Clinic

                                                                                  A multi-specialty clinic that provides a range of health care and mental health services to veterans.

                                                                                  733 Market Ave. S
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44702
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 489-4600
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  CommQuest Canton

                                                                                  Addiction and mental health counseling, psychiatric services, case management, education and employment services, detox, hot meals, social center

                                                                                  Learn more


                                                                                  Provide collaborative care and advocacy for people through three pillars of service: Mental Health, Addiction Recovery, and Social Support.

                                                                                  625 Cleveland Ave. NW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44702
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 455-0374
                                                                                  Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Sky Witness Healing Arts

                                                                                  Mental health and psychiatric care in North Canton.

                                                                                  452 North Main St.
                                                                                  North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 510-4921
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  NE Family Care Counseling Center

                                                                                  Professional, compassionate mental health and AOD services.

                                                                                  1303 W. Maple St.
                                                                                  Suite 103
                                                                                  North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 966-8677
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Vista Psychological & Counseling Centre, LLC

                                                                                  Affordable health care for adults, children and families.

                                                                                  1201 South Main St.
                                                                                  Suite 100
                                                                                  North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 244-8782
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  American Red Cross: Stark and Muskingum Lakes Chapter

                                                                                  Health and safety services for Stark County families.

                                                                                  408 9th St. SW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44707
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 453-0146
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Aultman Hospital Emergency Room

                                                                                  Emergency services for individuals with urgent health care concerns.

                                                                                  2600 6th St. SW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44710
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 363-6203
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Cleveland Clinic at Mercy Hospital

                                                                                  Emergency health care services available 24/7.

                                                                                  1320 Mercy Dr. NW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44708
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 489-1000
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  The Gentle Shepherd Counseling Center

                                                                                  Licensed counselors treating and diagnosing mental health conditions.

                                                                                  1469 South Main St.
                                                                                  North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 499-3065
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Family Care Counseling Center

                                                                                  A comprehensive mental health center for Stark County and surrounding areas.

                                                                                  1303 W Maple St
                                                                                  North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Phone: 330-966-8677
                                                                                  Phone: 330-966-8677
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  The Lenzy Family Institute: Fulton Ave.

                                                                                  Health, wellness and rehab services to help bridge the gap to recovery.

                                                                                  1930 Fulton Ave. NW
                                                                                  Suite 103
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44709
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 956-5936
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Father Matthew Herttna Counseling Center

                                                                                  Mental health counseling and referrals available at the Walsh University campus.

                                                                                  2020 East Maple St.
                                                                                  North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 490-7248
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Building Blocks Counseling Center

                                                                                  Mental health and substance use prevention, treatment and recovery services.

                                                                                  7300 Whipple Ave. NW
                                                                                  Suite 1
                                                                                  North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 433-2390
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Stark County Job & Family Services

                                                                                  Report child abuse: 330-455-KIDS / 1-800-233-5437

                                                                                  Partner with our customers, community and other service providers to protect children and vulnerable adults, stabilize and strengthen families, and encourage self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

                                                                                  Cash assistance
                                                                                  Food assistance
                                                                                  Medicaid & Medical
                                                                                  Non-emergency transportation
                                                                                  Child care services
                                                                                  Work experience program
                                                                                  Foster care & adoption
                                                                                  Kinship care
                                                                                  Child support services

                                                                                  221 3rd St. SE
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44702
                                                                                  Toll free: 1 (888) 698-6893
                                                                                  Toll free: 1 (888) 698-6893
                                                                                  Local: (330) 452-4661
                                                                                  TDD: (330) 451-8879
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Summit Psychological Associates: Downtown Canton

                                                                                  Comprehensive mental health and substance use services for prevention, treatment and recovery.

                                                                                  832 McKinley Ave NW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44703
                                                                                  Phone: 330-493-2554
                                                                                  Phone: 330-493-2554
                                                                                  Fax: (234) 360-3426
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Summit Psychological Associates: North Canton

                                                                                  Comprehensive mental health and substance use services for prevention, treatment and recovery.

                                                                                  4450 Belden Village St. NW
                                                                                  Suite 701
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44718
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 493-2554
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Help at Home

                                                                                  Help at Home provides home health care services for seniors or people with disabilities.

                                                                                  4150 Belden Village St. NW #307
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44718
                                                                                  Phone: (855) 213-1511
                                                                                  Hours: Open 24 hours
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Beacon Charitable Pharmacy

                                                                                  Connecting underinsured residents of Stark and Carroll Counties to quality health care and prescriptions.

                                                                                  408 9th St. SW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44707
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 445-1087
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Kessler Psychological Services

                                                                                  Services for grief, trauma, LGBTQ+ support, stress management and general mental health.

                                                                                  311 South Prospect Ave.
                                                                                  Hartville, OH 44632
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 877-2093
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Boys & Girls Club of Massillon

                                                                                  Academic, health and leadership programs that create a safe environment for kids to have fun and be themselves.

                                                                                  730 Duncan St. SW
                                                                                  Massillon, OH 44647
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 833-4395
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  American Red Cross: Veterans

                                                                                  Connects veterans to community resources for mental health counseling, emergency assistance and job services.

                                                                                  408 9th St. SW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44707
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 453-0146
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Molina Healthcare of Ohio

                                                                                  Molina Healthcare focuses on health, wellness and improving patient outcomes. Visit their website for more information.

                                                                                  3000 Corporate Exchange Dr.
                                                                                  Columbus, OH 43231
                                                                                  Phone: (800) 642-4168
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio

                                                                                  Regional hospital association that provides collaborative opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of Northwest Ohio’s residents.

                                                                                  3009, 3231 Central Park West
                                                                                  Suite 200
                                                                                  Toledo, OH 43617
                                                                                  Phone: (419) 842-0800
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Massillon Recovery Campus

                                                                                  Medication-assisted recovery, addiction & mental health counseling, driver intervention services & drug screenings

                                                                                  1660 Nave Rd. SE
                                                                                  Massillon, OH 44646
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 837-9411
                                                                                  Hours: Monday - Friday, 6:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Ohio MENTOR & IFCS

                                                                                  Foster care and mental health services for young people with emotional, behavioral and other complex challenges.

                                                                                  4942 Higbee Ave NW
                                                                                  Suite C & D
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44718
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 491-4331
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Family Empowerment Ministries

                                                                                  Classes on critical health topics for women who are pregnant or guardians of children under 12 months old.

                                                                                  1150 East State St.
                                                                                  Alliance, OH 44601
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 913-7007
                                                                                  Hours: Tuesdays, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Stark County Family Court

                                                                                  Legal services for child custody, behavioral health and domestic relations cases. Visit their website for more information.

                                                                                  110 Central Plz. S
                                                                                  Suite 670
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44702
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 451-7415
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Stark County Vet Center

                                                                                  Offers various resources to Stark County veterans, including mental health services and job referrals when available.

                                                                                  601 Cleveland Ave. NW
                                                                                  Suite C
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44702
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 454-3120
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Body of Christ Ministries

                                                                                  Walk-in service for NARCAN kits every Monday from  6:00 – 7:30 pm in partnership with Canton Public Health.

                                                                                  6555 Shepler Church Rd. SW
                                                                                  Navarre, OH 44662
                                                                                  Hours: Mondays, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Mount Zion Church of God in Christ

                                                                                  Walk-in service for NARCAN kits every Tuesday from  5:00 – 7:00 pm in partnership with Canton Public Health.

                                                                                  1208 Sherrick Rd. SE
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44707
                                                                                  Hours: Tuesdays, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Troop & Family Assistance Center Specialist

                                                                                  Offers resources and links to veteran programs for jobs, education, health care, legal and financial services. Contact Jennifer Perez, Contractor.

                                                                                  Office: 614-336-4310
                                                                                  Office: 614-336-4310
                                                                                  Mobile: 614-257-7936
                                                                                  Mobile: 614-257-7936
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Victim/Witness Division of the Stark County Prosecutor’s Office

                                                                                  Supporting victims of crimes in Stark County with information about all aspects of the prosecution as well as community referrals to health and social services.

                                                                                  110 Central Plz. S
                                                                                  Suite 510
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44702
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 451-7452
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Akron Children’s Hospital: North Canton

                                                                                  Pediatric health provider for children in Stark County:

                                                                                  • Primary care
                                                                                  • Home care
                                                                                  • Surgical services
                                                                                  • Clinical services
                                                                                  • Financial services
                                                                                  6046 Whipple Ave. NW
                                                                                  Building B
                                                                                  North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 433-1777
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Community Drop In Center

                                                                                  Walk-in service for NARCAN kits every Thursday from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm in partnership with Canton Public Health.

                                                                                  1492 Cherry Ave. SE
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44707
                                                                                  Hours: Thursdays, 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  Emmanuel Tabernacle Family Worship

                                                                                  Walk-in service for NARCAN kits every Wednesday from  11:00 am  – 1:00 pm, in partnership with Canton Public Health.

                                                                                  340 Belden Ave. NE
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44704
                                                                                  Hours: Wednesdays, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  H.O.P.E. Program

                                                                                  Mental health professionals who help individuals complete Intensive Supervision Probation (ISP), reach stabilization and decrease risks for re-offending.

                                                                                  115 Central Plaza N
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44702
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 451-7931
                                                                                  Learn more

                                                                                  YMCA of Central Stark County

                                                                                  Health, education and financial support services to help build strong foundations and strengthen our community. View all local YMCA locations.

                                                                                  4700 Dressler Rd NW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44718
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 491-9622
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                                                                                  Lake High School

                                                                                  Career programs offered through the Stark Career Compact:

                                                                                  • Career-based intervention (CBI)
                                                                                  • Health tech
                                                                                  • Legal studies
                                                                                  • Marketing & business management
                                                                                  1025 Lake Center St. NW
                                                                                  Uniontown, OH 44685
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 877-4282
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                                                                                  SAFY of Ohio: Canton/Akron

                                                                                  Community-based support services for Ohio families:

                                                                                  • Adoption services
                                                                                  • Behavioral health
                                                                                  • Family preservation
                                                                                  • Older youth services
                                                                                  • Therapeutic foster care
                                                                                  6279 Frank Ave. NW
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44720
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 305-1668
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                                                                                  Perry High School

                                                                                  Programs offered through the South Stark Career Academy:

                                                                                  • Cosmetology
                                                                                  • Culinary
                                                                                  • Health care occupations
                                                                                  • High school of business
                                                                                  • Medical tech prep
                                                                                  • Project Lead the Way
                                                                                  • Teacher academy
                                                                                  3737 13th St. SW
                                                                                  Massillon, OH 44646
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 477-3486
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                                                                                  Crisis Intervention Team Officers (CIT)

                                                                                  Officers trained in proven and effective communication techniques to help reduce violence and ensure successful intervention of mental health and substance use situations. Please ask for a CIT officer when calling.

                                                                                  Phone: (330) 588-2204, ext. 2135
                                                                                  Emergency: 911
                                                                                  Emergency: 911
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                                                                                  Camp Wakonda: Christ Presbyterian Church

                                                                                  Camp Wakonda is a Christian summer camp that encourages children to grow in their emotional and spiritual health in the Christian community. Since 1959, campers have learned about and experienced God through the wonder of nature.

                                                                                  530 Tuscarawas St. W
                                                                                  Canton, OH 44702
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 735-2740
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                                                                                  Jackson High School

                                                                                  Career programs offered through the Stark Career Compact:

                                                                                  • Automotive technologies
                                                                                  • Cisco Networking Academy
                                                                                  • Clinical health care services
                                                                                  • Construction technology
                                                                                  • Culinary arts program
                                                                                  • Engineering and architecture
                                                                                  • Horticulture
                                                                                  7600 Fulton Dr. NW
                                                                                  Massillon, OH 44646
                                                                                  Phone: (330) 837-3501
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