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  • Importance of Safe Places and Caring Relationships for Our LGBTQ+ Young People

    In honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month, let us take a moment to learn more about what we can do in our personal and professional lives to create safe spaces and caring relationships for our LGBTQ youth (and adults).

    Far too many LGBTQ+ youth do not feel safe and accepted or feel a sense of pride in themselves.  In fact, LGBTQ+ youth experience bullying, parental rejection, depression, and thoughts of suicide at significantly higher rates then their heterosexual peers.

    • Introducing the Stark County Mindfulness Walk
      StarkMHAR & Stark Parks partnered to create a 1-mile Mindfulness Walk with activities to promote mental health & self-care while enjoying nature.
      • Improve Family Dialogs with StarkMHAR Conversation Cards

        Once your family is seated around the dinner table, the typical conversation starter is: “So, how was your day?”

        And the typical answer? “Fine.”

        Getting your child to say anything more can be a lot of work.

        But what if you stopped thinking of the child’s attitude as the problem, and started with the question? What if there were some truly interesting questions you could ask your family? And what if they were excited to think about them and answer?