Stark County Family Court helps local families

By Allyson Rey on January 22, 2020

Stark County Family Court serves the community by protecting families.

Learn more about how Stark County Family Court helps families by watching this video with Magistrate Matthew Kreitzer below.

The mission of the Stark County Family Court is to promote a safe and healthy community by protecting families and children. A common misconception about Family Court is that the court is automatically in favor of one side over the other, particularly in domestic relations cases, custody cases and divorce cases. That’s simply not true. Judges and magistrates listen to the evidence presented, apply the law and render a decision. In cases involving children, they render a decision they feel is in the best interest of the children. Everyone at the Family Court is there to help you and to try to resolve whatever issues bring you or your family to the court.

Stark County Family Court also connects people with service providers in our Stark County to get them help they need for the struggles they are going through. Some of these resources are:

Learn what to expect at Stark County Family Court.

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