Shawna’s Story of Motherhood

By Danielle Grimm on March 26, 2019
This story first appeared in a Stark County THRIVE pamphlet. It has been modified from its original form for use on


When Shawna and her husband found out she was pregnant, they didn’t know where to start. Expanding your family is tough as it is, but when you don’t have access to all the resources you need, it can be overwhelming and scary.

When Shawna met a THRIVE community health worker, everything changed. The health worker connected her to an obstetrician and discussed what their Medicaid plan had to offer for transportation. They also helped Shawna and her husband enroll in a program that rewards them for going to their prenatal, post-partum and well-baby appointments.

“THRIVE supported my husband and me along the way.”

– Shawna

Through THRIVE, Shawna’s husband was connected to the Stark County Fatherhood Coalition and the Dr. Dad program. From becoming pregnant to having a baby, Shawna was able to receive help throughout the experience thanks to THRIVE.

THRIVE is a collaboration between Stark County residents, community organizations and businesses. Their mission is to prevent and reduce infant death rates and disparities in birth outcomes.

Learn more about THRIVE, and find out how you can get in touch.

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