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  • Substance use: childhood

    Unfortunately, substance use is becoming an increasing concern for younger children in our community. Children who develop drug and alcohol dependencies early in life often experience problems in the classroom, which can lead to long-lasting disadvantages in life. Find community-based prevention and recovery resources, including youth counseling, to help support children whose young lives are touched by addiction.

    • Substance use: youth & teens

      Substance use and alcoholism can be devastating for teens. They may not realize the serious, long-term effects addiction can have on their bodies and developing brains, so it is important that they get support from adults and advocates who care. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use, learn about the prevention, treatment and recovery services for teens available in Stark County.

      • Substance use assistance
        Some young people going through the difficult transition to adulthood may turn to alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with life’s challenges. Unfortunately, those who become dependent on alcohol and drugs often have a hard time getting or keeping a job. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, help is available, and recovery is possible.
        • Meth addiction recovery
          Methamphetamines are highly addictive, and individuals who become dependent are unable to feel pleasure when they are not using the drug. Meth is known to overstimulate specific processes in the body, so users feel more alert or anxious than usual. Unfortunately, people who become addicted often face significant challenges in other areas of their lives. Find resources to help young people suffering from meth addiction to detox and move toward recovery.
          • Alcohol & drug prevention
            A school-based drug and alcohol prevention program can be a positive way to teach students about the risks and dangers of substance use. Schools offer a variety of classroom initiatives to build resiliency, limit the availability of illicit drugs and offset the negative consequences of drug use. Learn about the prevention and intervention resources available in Stark County schools.
            • Drug drop box information
              Many of the drugs that are used or sold by teens in Stark County are found in the homes of their friends and families. If prescription medications are not stored and disposed of properly, it is possible for young people to get their hands on the substances. Thankfully, you can safely drop off unwanted prescriptions at 17 permanent collection boxes throughout Stark County.
              • Prescription opioids & heroin
                More than ever, our community is aware of the dangers of heroin and opiate addiction. However, prescription drugs are still readily available and used by young adults in Stark County. A person may be prescribed opioids to support their recovery, and then unwillingly become addicted. When these individuals are refused additional prescriptions, heroin is often the go-to because it is easily accessible. If you or someone you know is struggling with heroin or opiate use, find local detox, treatment and recovery programs.
                • Teens and substance use prevention
                  Before substance use becomes an issue in a young person’s life, it is important to start early with prevention and resiliency strategies. Many youth and teens are faced with difficult, challenging situations in life. When they have the necessary skills to overcome adversity, they are better equipped to cope without resorting to drugs or alcohol.
                  • Warning signs of addiction
                    Drug addiction is a physical and psychological dependence on a harmful substance. If someone is constantly seeking out alcohol and drugs, even after they have caused health, work and/or relationship problems, they are likely struggling with addiction. If and when the signs of substance use become frequent and severe, it is important to reach out for help immediately.
                    • Substance use: young adults

                      Addiction is a complex problem. People who struggle with substance use physically and psychologically crave a drug, even when they know the adverse effect it has on their body, their relationships and their community. Stark Help Central is committed to helping young people to overcome their addictions and develop into productive, stable adults. Find local resources dedicated to supporting young people who are affected by substance use.

                      • Substance use treatment centers
                        There are many quality, supportive treatment centers in Stark County for people who are struggling or have struggled with substance use. Whether you are in need of detox services, clinical care or community-based treatment, help is available. Find local treatment and recovery centers near you, as well as helpful resources to support you through the process.
                        • CHANCE Program Helps People with Substance Use in Stark County
                          The CHANCE Program gives individuals in Stark County a chance to address substance use through intensive treatment. Learn more about this program.
                          • Mental health & addiction
                            It is common for people who struggle with substance use to also receive mental health services. Those who have been through trauma or experience anxiety or depression may turn to alcohol and drugs to cope. Fortunately, community programs are available to help these individuals find healthy ways to heal and move forward.
                            • Substance use: early childhood

                              For families whose lives are touched by addiction, the effects are felt by every member, especially young children. A child who is surrounded by substance use early in their life often experiences long-lasting impacts that follow them well into adulthood. Find local programs and resources to help support these vulnerable children so they remain safe, hopeful and resilient.

                              • Alcohol & other drug services

                                Substance use is one of the contributing risk factors that may increase the risk of suicide. Fortunately, substance use is treatable, and recovery is possible. The road to a healthy and hopeful future often starts with professional prevention and intervention services, and resources are available here in Stark County.

                                • Substance use recovery & support groups
                                  For people who are ready to heal and move forward from addiction, joining a support group could be a great first step. These groups give people the opportunity to share their stories, celebrate milestones and get past obstacles together. When individuals who are struggling with substance use reach out for support, it is a powerful sign of strength.
                                  • LGBTQ+ bullying
                                    Bullying can have lasting negative effects on LGBTQ+ youth. It can cause anxiety and depression, relationship problems, low self-esteem, substance use and even thoughts of suicide. Young people who are being bullied should seek out adult allies who are safe and confident. Adults who display rainbows in their offices, wear pins to show their support, or have Safe Zone stickers are likely good places to turn.
                                    • Childhood resiliency

                                      Childhood is often considered a happy, carefree time, but children are not always shielded from trauma and turmoil. From bullying and divorce to abuse and grief, kids can be exposed to many of life’s challenges. For these children, resiliency skills can help them discover ways to cope with difficult situations and move forward.

                                      • Important phone numbers & textline
                                        Whether you are struggling with substance use, domestic or gang violence or negative peer influence, free and confidential support is available 24 hours a day. It’s important to know you’re not alone and the right treatment could be just a conversation away.
                                        • Drugs & alcohol
                                          Young people may turn to alcohol and drugs as a way to numb emotional pain from personal trauma or as result of peer influence. Youth substance use is a key contributor to problems at school, poor social relationships, motor vehicle accidents and mental health issues. With professional treatment, recovery is possible.
                                          • Family & community-based treatment

                                            Whether you are a young person looking for help or someone who is concerned about a young person, there are local organizations that can provide assistance for mental health and substance use. Taking support beyond a traditional office setting can be beneficial for some people.

                                            Community-based treatment allows families to access high-quality services for mental health and substance use with few barriers. Family-based treatment allows those seeking help to get treatment safely in their community alongside their families.

                                            • Immediate assistance

                                              If you or someone you know is in crisis, it is important to seek help immediately. No matter if you’re struggling with depression, substance use, relationship problems or family turmoil, free and confidential support is available. You are not alone and talking to someone could help save a life.

                                              • Children with incarcerated parents
                                                Having a parent in prison can have a significant impact on a child’s mental and behavioral health. To help reduce the risk for negative outcomes, such as depression, substance use and criminal behavior, it is important for communities to wrap around children with incarcerated parents.
                                                • Detox services
                                                  Detox is when a person who is experiencing symptoms of substance use withdrawal is supervised by a team of medical professionals and recovery coaches. New patients go through a comprehensive assessment and nursing evaluation before visiting with a doctor to determine a course of treatment. Once a plan is established, individuals receive medication monitoring, case management and counseling services to support their recovery.
                                                  • Adult literacy
                                                    Adult literacy programs are designed to address several important learning areas, including writing, reading, basic math and cultural competency. These programs not only help to support individual success. When more adults in Stark County are literate, the community sees reductions in crime and substance use as well as improved public health and employment rates.
                                                    • Domestic violence: youth & teens

                                                      Unfortunately, more than two-thirds of children have been exposed to domestic violence by the age of 17. Witnessing violence can have long-term impacts on these adolescents, putting them at higher risk for substance use, eating disorders, risky sexual behavior and even further domestic violence. Find resources to help prevent violence in the home and support young people experiencing domestic violence in Stark County.

                                                      • Drug & alcohol rehabilitation services
                                                        Addiction is a complex disease, not a character flaw. If someone you know is struggling, learn about Stark County rehabilitation services.
                                                        • Coping with teen abuse & neglect
                                                          When teens and young adults are subjected to physical or psychological harm from a loved one, it can damage their self-esteem, emotional well-being and sense of safety. Prolonged exposure to abuse and neglect could lead to poor school performance, depression, anxiety, substance use and even suicide.
                                                          • Signs of human trafficking
                                                            Human trafficking can affect anyone of any age, race, gender or income, and it can be difficult to identify unless you know what to look for. Learn about the signs and signals of human trafficking.
                                                            • Recovery housing

                                                              Recovery houses are places where someone who is recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol can find a safe, stable, substance-free place to live. They are also sometimes called sober living houses, halfway houses, or transition houses.

                                                              Recovery housing may require residents to follow certain rules. For example, no drinking or drugs allowed. But these rules can help residents change their behavior and stay sober.

                                                              If you’re looking for recovery housing for yourself or a loved one,

                                                              • Mental health service providers

                                                                For Stark County families to grow stronger and healthier, it is important that all children, teens and young adults have the support they need to maintain their emotional well-being. There are hundreds of mental health, substance use and trauma recovery resources available here in Stark County, including individual, family and faith-based services.

                                                                Addressing the mental health needs of our area’s children can help support their success at home, in school and throughout the community.

                                                                • Self-advocacy references & resources
                                                                  Beyond everyday interactions with family and friends, young people are able to self-advocate and use their personal experiences as a springboard for change. For young people who are passionate about raising their voices and telling their stories, they may need help determining the best place to start.
                                                                  • Improve Family Dialogs with StarkMHAR Conversation Cards

                                                                    Once your family is seated around the dinner table, the typical conversation starter is: “So, how was your day?”

                                                                    And the typical answer? “Fine.”

                                                                    Getting your child to say anything more can be a lot of work.

                                                                    But what if you stopped thinking of the child’s attitude as the problem, and started with the question? What if there were some truly interesting questions you could ask your family? And what if they were excited to think about them and answer?

                                                                    Deliverance Over Alcohol and Drugs (D.A.D.)

                                                                    Group of individuals recovering from substance use.

                                                                    Marvelous Light Ministries, 1135 Hoover Pl. NW
                                                                    Canton, OH 44703
                                                                    Phone: (330) 454-1755
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Recovery Support Meetings

                                                                    Group of individuals recovering from substance abuse.

                                                                    CommQuest Services, 1341 Market Ave. N
                                                                    Canton, OH 44714
                                                                    Phone: (330) 453-8252
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    CommQuest Services: Recovery Support Meetings

                                                                    Group of individuals recovering from substance abuse.

                                                                    1341 Market Ave. N
                                                                    Canton, OH 44714
                                                                    Phone: (330) 453-8252
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Drinkers-Druggies-Smokers Anonymous

                                                                    Anonymous gathering of individuals recovering from substance use.

                                                                    Cathedral of Life, 4111 38th St. NW
                                                                    Canton, OH 44718
                                                                    Phone: (330) 493-4111
                                                                    Learn more


                                                                    Anonymous class for individuals recovering from substance use.

                                                                    Cathedral of Life, 4111 38th St. NW
                                                                    Canton, OH 44718
                                                                    Phone: (330) 493-LIFE (5433)
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Arrow Passage Recovery

                                                                    A private rehab clinic treating substance use in Stark County.

                                                                    721 Lincoln Way E
                                                                    Massillon, OH 44646
                                                                    Phone: (844) 347-0543
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Building Blocks Counseling Center

                                                                    Mental health and substance use prevention, treatment and recovery services.

                                                                    7300 Whipple Ave. NW
                                                                    Suite 1
                                                                    North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                    Phone: (330) 433-2390
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Summit Psychological Associates: Downtown Canton

                                                                    Comprehensive mental health and substance use services for prevention, treatment and recovery.

                                                                    832 McKinley Ave NW
                                                                    Canton, OH 44703
                                                                    Phone: 330-493-2554
                                                                    Phone: 330-493-2554
                                                                    Fax: (234) 360-3426
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Summa Health Addiction Medicine Intensive Outpatient Program

                                                                    Comprehensive evaluations and referrals for individuals with mental health and substance use problems.

                                                                    3730 Whipple Ave. NW
                                                                    Suite 5
                                                                    Canton, OH 44718
                                                                    Phone: (330) 491-9215
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Summit Psychological Associates: North Canton

                                                                    Comprehensive mental health and substance use services for prevention, treatment and recovery.

                                                                    4450 Belden Village St. NW
                                                                    Suite 701
                                                                    Canton, OH 44718
                                                                    Phone: (330) 493-2554
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Wilson Hall: CommQuest

                                                                    Non-medical, residential treatment program for adult men with substance use dependencies.

                                                                    1680 Nave Rd. SE
                                                                    Massillon, OH 44646
                                                                    Phone: (330) 830-8740
                                                                    Hours: Thursdays – 8 p.m.
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Coleman Behavioral Health: Alliance Office

                                                                    Evidence-based mental health and substance use recovery services to promote resiliency and healing.

                                                                    1410 West State St.
                                                                    Alliance, OH 44601
                                                                    Phone: (330) 823-6932
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    We Care Counseling, Inc.

                                                                    Counselors specializing in complex trauma, depression, anxiety, substance use, addiction and transitional youth.

                                                                    7300 Whipple Ave. NW
                                                                    Suite 2
                                                                    North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                    Phone: (330) 305-9100
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    CommQuest Services: Minerva

                                                                    Strengthening families through behavioral/mental health and substance use prevention, treatment and recovery services.

                                                                    620 East Lincoln Way
                                                                    Minerva, OH 44657
                                                                    Phone: (330) 868-3401
                                                                    Fax: (330) 868-3402
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Boys & Girls Club of Massillon: Smart Moves

                                                                    Evidence-based substance use prevention curriculum and youth development program for school-aged children.

                                                                    730 Duncan St. SW
                                                                    Massillon, OH 44647
                                                                    Phone: (330) 833-4395
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    CommQuest Services: Massillon

                                                                    Strengthening families through behavioral/mental health and substance use prevention, treatment and recovery services.

                                                                    130 1st St. NW
                                                                    Massillon, OH 44647
                                                                    Phone: (330) 833-0234
                                                                    Fax: (330) 837-7705
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    CommQuest Services: Alliance

                                                                    Strengthening families through behavioral/mental health and substance use prevention, treatment and recovery services.

                                                                    1207 West State St.
                                                                    Suites F & M
                                                                    Alliance, OH 44601
                                                                    Phone: (330) 821-8407
                                                                    Fax: (330) 821-8506
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Deliverance House: CommQuest

                                                                    Non-medical residential program for adult women with moderate substance use and mental health needs.

                                                                    1711 Spring Ave. NE
                                                                    Canton, OH 44714
                                                                    Phone: (330) 454-6800
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    CommQuest Services

                                                                    Strengthening families through mental health and substance use prevention, treatment and recovery support services.

                                                                    625 Cleveland Ave. NW
                                                                    Canton, OH 44702
                                                                    Phone: (330) 455-0374
                                                                    Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    DRA Dual Recovery Anonymous

                                                                    Support for individuals and families impacted by both mental illness and substance use. Hosted by NAMI Stark County.

                                                                    Hunter House, 1114 Gonder Ave. SW
                                                                    Canton, OH 44707
                                                                    Phone: (330) 455-6264
                                                                    Hours: Fridays – 11:30 a.m.
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    CHANCE Probation Program

                                                                    Substance use treatment program with opportunities for anger management counseling, community service work, GED classes and educational support.

                                                                    201 Cleveland Ave SW
                                                                    Canton, OH 44702
                                                                    Phone: 330-451-7036, ext. 5127
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Crisis Intervention Team Officers

                                                                    Officers trained in proven and effective communication techniques to help reduce violence and ensure successful intervention of mental health and substance use situations.

                                                                    Phone: (330) 588-2204, ext. 2135
                                                                    Emergency: 911
                                                                    Emergency: 911
                                                                    Learn more

                                                                    Sunrise Vista Behavioral Health

                                                                    At Sunrise Vista, we are capable of providing the medical needs associated with substance abuse disorders in individuals also experiencing mental health related symptoms as long as the individual has a primary mental health diagnosis.

                                                                    1223 Market Ave North
                                                                    Canton, OH 44714
                                                                    Phone: 844-942-3007
                                                                    Phone: 844-942-3007
                                                                    Learn more