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  • Infant mortality prevention

    To help address the growing issue of infant mortality in Stark County, local agencies have come together to form the Stark County THRIVE Pathways HUB. This county-wide initiative brings together community providers, medical resources and social services to help ensure every baby in Stark County is able to celebrate their first birthday. New and expecting parents can reach out today for help improving the health and stability of their growing families.

    • Mental Health Awareness Month Tips: 4 Ways to Participate

      Mental Health Awareness Month is observed every May in the United States. It’s a time to recognize that our mental health is part of our overall health, fight stigmas surrounding mental health issues, learn about various issues and policies, and more. Whether or not you are personally dealing with a mental health issue, it is important to find ways to participate in Mental Health Awareness Month.

      Here are four Mental Health Awareness Month tips so you can participate and support those around you.

      • Counseling helps
        Without treatment, mental health symptoms can worsen over time and have a significant impact on an individual’s relationships, career and self-esteem. Working with a professional counselor can help you open up about your feelings and get on a healthy track toward mental health and recovery. Find counseling resources available to support young people in Stark County.
        • Mental & emotional support: domestic violence
          The emotional damage associated with domestic violence and abuse often outlasts the physical impact. So, for those transitioning from victim to survivor, the aftermath often includes ongoing mental trauma and emotional stress. Remember, recovery looks different for everyone, so you have to take the time to discover what works best for you.
          • How school districts throughout Stark County are addressing safety concerns
            The goal in Stark County is to keep every student safe. If students don’t feel safe, they’re not able to perform at their best academically.
            • LGBTQ+ allies
              Being an LGBTQ+ ally is a verb. You must do the work to be a true ally. Find tips & resources to be an ally for Stark County’s LGBTQ+ community.
              • Mental Health Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic

                This year, we’ve faced a pandemic unlike anything in our lifetimes. As we get closer to a vaccine for coronavirus, many people in Stark County are still feeling the stressful effects. Fortunately, the stress response is normal during a crisis.

                Are you looking for ways to manage feelings of stress and anxiety? Here are some common questions we have received related to mental health, coping with COVID-19 in the community,

                • Mental Health Month: Ways to Stop the Stigma
                  Find out how to promote understanding, increase opportunities for help and improve the lives of those facing mental health conditions in Stark County.
                  • Being Kind to Others & Yourself Can Improve Your Mental Health
                    Kindness is linked to mental health. And we sure could use more of it during the pandemic. Here are simple ways to add more kindness into your life.
                    • March 1st is Self Injury Awareness Day

                      The UK organization LifeSIGNS started dedicating March 1st as Self Injury Awareness Day in 2002. Now, 20 years later, it is a national awareness day for many countries, including the U.S. Self-injury goes by other names, including self-harm and non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), and encompasses a large range of actions that one takes to cope with extreme emotion, release tension from these emotions, or take back a perceived loss of control. While teens tend to be the most likely to self-injure,

                      • MentorStark Amplifies Mentoring in Stark County

                        It’s National Mentoring Month and there’s no better time to tell you how being a mentor changed my life! I have learned from the perspectives of young people. I have witnessed firsthand systemic racism and inequity. I have experienced the roadblocks that get in the way of accessing community resources. I have become a better listener and less judgmental. And I have seen how young people can lead the way, if given a voice and an opportunity.

                        • Improve Family Dialogs with StarkMHAR Conversation Cards

                          Once your family is seated around the dinner table, the typical conversation starter is: “So, how was your day?”

                          And the typical answer? “Fine.”

                          Getting your child to say anything more can be a lot of work.

                          But what if you stopped thinking of the child’s attitude as the problem, and started with the question? What if there were some truly interesting questions you could ask your family? And what if they were excited to think about them and answer?


                          Providing counseling, support, advocacy, and education with a focus on prevention and treatment in the home, community, office, or telehealth.

                          Additional Program:
                          The Prevent Relapse Occurrence Team with Enhanced Case management and Treatment (Protect) works with juveniles who have shown sexual behavior problems who are not incarcerated or are returning to the community following separation. PROTECT services are designed to work specifically with individuals who have been identified as participating in “sexting” behavior or other minor-related sexual behavioral issues.

                          4579 Everhard Rd NW
                          Suite A
                          North Canton, OH 44718
                          Phone: (440) 260-6466
                          Learn more

                          Phoenix Rising Behavioral Health & Recovery of Alliance

                          Provides outpatient psychiatric, counseling, and case management services to children, adolescents, and adults

                          Mental health & illness, addictions, dual disorders, behavioral issues, trauma

                          Closed Friday, clients directed to Canton if an emergency or direct care needed

                          1844 W State St
                          Alliance, OH 44601
                          Phone: (330) 493-4553
                          Learn more


                          Formerly Foundations

                          Promoting recovery through peer support, education, advocacy and networking.

                          Peer ran Respite Unit is based on short-term, in-house stay for those struggling with mental health and addiction recovery issues.

                          Free(no insurance necessary or accepted)

                          Also offers classes in person or via zoom with a possible $45.00 Walmart card stipend for attending 20 classes.

                          Additional locations:

                          227 Third St. SE,

                          116 Cleveland Avenue NW
                          Suite 200
                          Canton, OH 44702
                          Phone: (330) 454-2888
                          Learn more

                          CommQuest Canton

                          Addiction and mental health counseling, psychiatric services, case management, education and employment services, detox, hot meals, social center

                          Learn more

                          Canton City Health Department

                          Helping to prevent the spread of disease, promote healthy practices and protect the health of Canton City residents.

                          Request Narcan Kit via mail by submitting form here:

                          • WIC
                            • Effective March 16, Canton City WIC services are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Click here for details. **At this time, infants and children do not need to be present in our office when staff issue food benefits to your WIC Card.*
                          • Nursing Division (until further notice)
                              • Facial coverings are required for all clinics for those over 2 years of age.
                          420 Market Ave.
                          North Canton, OH 44702
                          Phone: (330) 489-3231
                          Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm
                          Learn more