Court resources for filing a child custody case

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce, separation or the absence of a parent is finding the right balance of care for the children involved. Find local Stark County court resources available to help you file your child custody case.

Forms & requirements

Download, complete and submit the following documentation to file your change of custody request.

Motion for change of parental rights & responsibilities:

Official request to change a shared parenting plan or the sole residential parent and legal custodian.

Notice of hearing & request for service:

Asks for an individual to be served with court papers, initiating a child custody claim.

Custody affidavit:

Declaration of whether you have been involved in a previous child custody, visitation or related case.

Affidavit of income & expenses:

Record of income, expenses and money owed to determine child and spousal support amounts.

Parenting proceeding affidavit:

Release of relevant information that could impact an active child custody case.

Health insurance affidavit:

Disclosure of health insurance coverage available for children which can be used to determine child support.