Your role as a foster parent

Foster parents play an essential part in helping children recover from the trauma or abuse of their pasts. They can provide a stabilizing presence and teach valuable life lessons while children are in their care. While some children return to their birth families, fostering may be a step toward adoption. Learn what is required from foster and adoptive parents in Stark County and where to go to get started.

Expectations of foster parents

According to Stark County Job & Family Services, foster parents in Stark County are required to:

  • Allow visitations with birth parents, attend agency meetings and show up in court when required
  • Encourage recreational activities and community involvement to help support the child’s development
  • Ensure attendance and keep records of progress and performance in school
  • Follow SCJFS’s policies on discipline (physical punishments are not permitted)
  • Keep detailed records of the child’s time in your care (awards, developmental milestones, report cards, etc.)
  • Provide basic needs, including food, clothing, shelter, medical care and transportation
  • Support the child as they grieve and adjust to joining a new family
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