What to Expect at Stark County Family Court

Stark County Family Court averages about 10,000 case hearings each year. If you’re involved with one of these hearings, it’s helpful to know what to expect so you can be prepared. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re visiting Stark County Family Court.

Getting ready for your visit

To make a good impression, make sure to dress respectfully when you visit the Court. Dress like you would for an important event, such as a job interview.

Finding the court

Stark County Family Court is located at 110 Central Plaza S, Suite 601, Canton, Ohio 44720. In addition to metered street parking, the Cornerstone Garage is available behind the Stark County Office Building with an entrance on 3rd Street. There’s even a parking meter app you can use to pay if you forget quarters! Once you arrive, enter in the door labeled 110. You will pass through security and then be escorted to the court.

Stark County Family Court in Canton, Ohio, on the corner of Market Ave. and Tuscarawas St.

Arriving at the court

There are security metal detectors, so be careful about what you carry in your pockets.

Once you go through the metal detector, take the elevator to the sixth floor. Turn right. Enter through the glass door and go past the sheriff’s desk to the sign-in area to let the judge and magistrates know you’re present.

Most hearings are pre-scheduled, so make sure you are on time or you could miss your hearing. It’s a good idea to arrive early. Remember to turn off your cell phone to prevent disruptions.

Do you need an attorney?

It is your choice to hire an attorney for court hearings. Those who choose to proceed at a hearing without an attorney are called self-represented parties.

If you face possible jail/detention time or loss of parental rights to the Child Protective Agency, the court can appoint an attorney based on your income.

There is a kiosk in the Clerk of Courts Office, in room 690, where self-represented parties can get form packets to help with filing many kinds of cases.

Please note that Family Court staff cannot provide legal advice.

What to expect at the hearing

Cases are heard by judges and magistrates. Most often, there is no jury at Family Court, and the courtrooms look different than what you typically see on TV.

You may not always receive the ruling, or judgement entry, at the hearing. In these cases, the ruling is mailed to all parties, so make sure the court has your current address. If any additional court hearings are scheduled, they will be listed on the judgement entry.

Read all judgment entries carefully. If an entry schedules any additional court hearings, this is usually the only notice you get about the next hearing date.

If you still have questions about attending court in Stark County, explore our local legal resources for support.

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How does Stark County Family Court serve the community?

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