Where to find the Stark County Family Court

Stark County Family Court is located at 110 Central Plaza S, Suite 601, Canton, Ohio 44720. In addition to metered street parking, the Cornerstone Garage is available behind the Stark County Office Building with an entrance on 3rd Street. Once you arrive, enter in the door labeled 110. You will pass through security and then be escorted to the court.

On the map
Stark County Family Court located in Canton, Ohio

The Stark Family Court can be found in Canton, Ohio on the corner of Market Ave. and Tuscarawas St.

What to expect

Stark County Family Court averages about 10,000 case hearings each year. If you’re involved with one of these hearings, it’s helpful to know what to expect so you can be prepared. Watch the video below for some things to keep in mind when you’re visiting Stark County Family Court.

How does Stark County Family Court serve the community?

Learn how Stark County Family Court helps families by watching this video with Magistrate Matthew Kreitzer.