Transition to an Individualized Service Plan (ISP)

The Individualized Service Plan (ISP) outlines specific services and supports necessary for a person with developmental disabilities to remain healthy and safe during daily life. Find programs and resources to help coordinate a successful transition from IEP to ISP in Stark County, Ohio.

What is an Individualized Service Plan (ISP)?

If someone is eligible for services as an adult, their SSA will assess their needs and determine available resources and opportunities to provide the necessary support. Within the approved budget, SSAs will coordinate services to support the individual’s health, safety and independence.

The ISP is the service plan that identifies what is important to a person and makes them happy, as well as the outcomes they are working on and the supervision required from their service providers to help them succeed in adulthood.

Keeping the plan current

Just as with an IEP, it is important to attend regular meetings to keep your ISP up to date. Contact your SSA to schedule an assessment.