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  • Telehealth is here!
    Whether you are new to professional mental health support or have been in treatment before, telethealth is here to help.
    • Introducing the Stark County Mindfulness Walk
      StarkMHAR & Stark Parks partnered to create a 1-mile Mindfulness Walk with activities to promote mental health & self-care while enjoying nature.
      • Mental Health Month: Ways to Stop the Stigma
        Find out how to promote understanding, increase opportunities for help and improve the lives of those facing mental health conditions in Stark County.
        • Being Kind to Others & Yourself Can Improve Your Mental Health
          Kindness is linked to mental health. And we sure could use more of it during the pandemic. Here are simple ways to add more kindness into your life.
          • Most Common Misconceptions About Mental Health
            Mental Health Assumptions: Fact or Fiction?

            Despite all the information available about anxiety, depression, addiction and other mental health issues, many misconceptions persist.

            Mental health misconceptions can be dangerous when they keep people from getting the treatment they need. Let’s talk about mental health issues and learn to separate fact from fiction. What are some common misconceptions about mental health?

            Fact: Mental Health Issues Are Actually Quite Common

            Mental health issues are uncommon,

            • Alternative Therapies for Mental Health
              6 Holistic Outlets to Improve Your Mental Health & Wellbeing

              More and more people are realizing how important our mental health is to our overall wellbeing. While traditional medical treatments play an integral role in maintaining good mental health, holistic mental health outlets provide a complementary approach. Though not a substitute for professional help, these outlets offer unique strategies to improve your mental and overall health

              These alternative therapies for mental health range from free,

              • Mental Health Awareness Month Tips: 4 Ways to Participate

                Mental Health Awareness Month is observed every May in the United States. It’s a time to recognize that our mental health is part of our overall health, fight stigmas surrounding mental health issues, learn about various issues and policies, and more. Whether or not you are personally dealing with a mental health issue, it is important to find ways to participate in Mental Health Awareness Month.

                Here are four Mental Health Awareness Month tips so you can participate and support those around you.

                • Navigating the Holidays and Mental Health

                  While the holidays are celebrated as “the happiest time of the year,” it doesn’t always feel that way. If you, or a loved one, is struggling, the holidays can be hard. If you’re feeling alone, know that there are places in Stark County where you can turn for support and help.

                  The Holidays and Mental Health

                  Struggles with mental health and the holidays can equal extra stress. Navigating the two at the same time can be difficult.

                  • Reflections, 2020-2021

                    Do you roll your eyes when you hear the words ‘self care’? Yeah, me too, and we are hearing it now more often than ever. For 20 years much of our community’s training emphasis has been on understanding both the devastation of trauma and the healing power of Resilience. Who knew that, unknowingly, we were preparing ourselves for 2020 – when our entire world would
                    experience a collective and ongoing traumatic pandemic.

                    The stability and predictability that had structured our lives?

                    • 3 Reasons Why Nature is Good for Your Mental Health

                      During the pandemic, everyone seemed to realize the importance of getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Think about how much lighter you feel after taking your dog for a walk. Or how energized your mind is after a hike in the woods. Or even consider the boost you get from a warm, sunshine-filled day. It should be no secret how nature helps our mental health.

                      Let’s explore just a few of the ways nature and mental health are connected.

                      • Anxiety and Depression: A GlenOak High School Production
                        We partnered with GlenOak High School’s video production department for a video on anxiety and depression. Watch it now.
                        • HOPE Program Addresses Mental Health in Those on Probation
                          Stark County’s HOPE Program is an alternative to prison for those who have a history of mental health issues and are involved in a probation offense.

                          Aultman/Alliance Community Hospital

                          Health care facility dedicated to improving the health of Alliance residents and surrounding communities.

                          Emergency care with no appointment necessary.

                          200 East State St.
                          Alliance, OH 44601
                          Phone: (330) 596-6000
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                          Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health: Shipley Office

                          Mental and behavioral health services for children and families.

                          919 2nd St. NE
                          Canton, OH 44704
                          Phone: (330) 454-7917
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                          Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health: Plain Community

                          Mental and behavioral health services for children and families.

                          1811 Schneider St. NE
                          Door 6
                          Canton, OH 44721
                          Phone: (330) 470-4061
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                          Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery

                          Funding for mental health and addiction prevention, treatment and recovery support services. Visit their website for more information about StarkMHAR.

                          121 Cleveland Ave. SW
                          Canton, OH 44702
                          Phone: (330) 455-6644
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                          Stark County Job & Family Services

                          Report child abuse: 330-455-KIDS / 1-800-233-5437

                          Partner with our customers, community and other service providers to protect children and vulnerable adults, stabilize and strengthen families, and encourage self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

                          • Cash assistance
                          • Food assistance
                          • Medicaid & Medical
                          • Non-emergency transportation – Transportation to and from Medicaid-qualified appointments, including doctor visits, dental visits, vision appointments and more.
                          • Child care services
                          • Work experience program –
                          221 3rd St. SE
                          Canton, OH 44702
                          Toll free: 1 (888) 698-6893
                          Toll free: 1 (888) 698-6893
                          Local: (330) 452-4661
                          TDD: (330) 451-8879
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                          Quality of Life Health Care Service, LLC

                          Quality of Life Health Care Service, LLC provides care services for those with developmental disabilities in Stark, Summit, and Portage counties.

                          2019 NE Maple Ave.
                          Canton, OH 44714
                          Phone: (234) 207-5944
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                          CommQuest Canton

                          Addiction and mental health counseling, psychiatric services, case management, education and employment services, detox, hot meals, social center

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                          Community Action Pathways HUB

                          Are you or someone you know pregnant and could benefit from being connected to community services and support? If so, then you have the opportunity to take advantage of this program. The HUB utilizes Community Health Workers that assist in decision making during pregnancy. They link you to services in the community that can help you and your baby.

                          Do you need…

                          • A ride to your doctor’s appointment?
                          • Baby items like a crib or diapers?
                          Phone: (330) 454-1676 x 153
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                          Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities

                          A Major Unusual Incident (MUI) is an event that negatively impacts the health, safety or wellbeing of an individual with developmental disabilities. If you or someone you know is experiencing a major unusual incident, call the 24-hour hotline to report the event.

                          MUI Hotline: 330-477-4477

                          The Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities exists to connect individuals and families with the services they need for health, safety, education and a high quality of life.

                          2950 Whipple Ave. NW
                          Canton, OH 44708
                          Phone: (330) 477-5200
                          Intake: (330) 479-3582
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                          Vista Psychological & Counseling Centre, LLC

                          Affordable health care for adults, children and families.

                          1201 South Main St.
                          Suite 100
                          North Canton, OH 44720
                          Phone: (330) 244-8782
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                          Building Blocks Counseling Center

                          Mental health and substance use prevention, treatment and recovery services.

                          7300 Whipple Ave. NW
                          Suite 1
                          North Canton, OH 44720
                          Phone: (330) 433-2390
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                          Father Matthew Herttna Counseling Center

                          Mental health counseling and referrals available at the Walsh University campus.

                          2020 East Maple St.
                          North Canton, OH 44720
                          Phone: (330) 490-7248
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                          NE Family Care Counseling Center

                          A comprehensive mental health center for Stark County and surrounding areas.

                          1303 W Maple St
                          North Canton, OH 44720
                          Phone: 330-966-8677
                          Phone: 330-966-8677
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                          Summit Psychological Associates: North Canton

                          Comprehensive mental health and substance use services for prevention, treatment and recovery.

                          4450 Belden Village St. NW
                          Suite 701
                          Canton, OH 44718
                          Phone: (330) 493-2554
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                          Summit Psychological Associates: Downtown Canton

                          Comprehensive mental health and substance use services for prevention, treatment and recovery.

                          832 McKinley Ave NW
                          Canton, OH 44703
                          Phone: 330-493-2554
                          Phone: 330-493-2554
                          Fax: (234) 360-3426
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                          Molina Healthcare of Ohio

                          Molina Healthcare focuses on health, wellness and improving patient outcomes. Visit their website for more information.

                          3000 Corporate Exchange Dr.
                          Columbus, OH 43231
                          Phone: (800) 642-4168
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                          Help Me Grow-Home Visiting

                          Home Visiting is a voluntary, home-based program offered at no cost to your family.  Our home visitors are well-trained professionals who use a compassionate approach that offers information and support during pregnancy, and empowers you as the parent with skills, tools, and confidence to nurture the healthy growth of your child through the earliest years – a critical time of development.

                          WHO SHOULD BE REFERRED?

                          Pregnant women and families with young children.Supporting first-time parents with home visiting services for children up to 3 years old

                          WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT?
                          6057 Strip Ave NW
                          North Canton, OH 44720
                          Phone: 330-492-8136, ext. 1480
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                          Beacon Charitable Pharmacy

                          Connecting underinsured residents of Stark and Carroll Counties to quality health care and prescriptions.

                          2525 13th Street NW
                          Canton, OH 44708
                          Phone: (330) 445-1087
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                          Ohio MENTOR & IFCS

                          Foster care and mental health services for young people with emotional, behavioral and other complex challenges.

                          4942 Higbee Ave NW
                          Suite C & D
                          Canton, OH 44718
                          Phone: (330) 491-4331
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                          Family Empowerment Ministries

                          Classes on critical health topics for women who are pregnant or guardians of children under 12 months old.

                          425 E Market Street
                          Alliance, OH 44601
                          Phone: (330) 913-7007
                          Hours: Tuesdays, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
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                          Stark Community Support Network

                          Community safety net linking families to resources and social services.

                          • Community Support Services (Mental Health & Substance/Alcohol Abuse) – Identify, Link, and Support individuals and families through the mental health and alcohol and substance abuse system.
                          • Community Response Team (Trauma Care and Community Violence) – Refer, Assist, and Advocate for individuals and/or families experiencing trauma.
                          • Infant Mortality (THRIVE) – Identify and Support women through their pregnancies to reduce infant mortality.
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                          Stark County Vet Center

                          Offers various resources to Stark County veterans, including mental health services and job referrals when available.

                          601 Cleveland Ave. NW
                          Suite C
                          Canton, OH 44702
                          Phone: (330) 454-3120
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                          Troop & Family Assistance Center Specialist

                          Offers resources and links to veteran programs for jobs, education, health care, legal and financial services. Contact Jennifer Perez, Contractor.

                          Office: 614-336-4310
                          Office: 614-336-4310
                          Mobile: 614-257-7936
                          Mobile: 614-257-7936
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                          Victim/Witness Division of the Stark County Prosecutor’s Office

                          Supporting victims of crimes in Stark County with information about all aspects of the prosecution as well as community referrals to health and social services.

                          110 Central Plz. S
                          Suite 510
                          Canton, OH 44702
                          Phone: (330) 451-7452
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                          Akron Children’s Hospital: North Canton

                          Pediatric health provider for children in Stark County:

                          • Primary care
                          • Home care
                          • Surgical services
                          • Clinical services
                          • Financial services
                          6046 Whipple Ave. NW
                          Building B
                          North Canton, OH 44720
                          Phone: (330) 433-1777
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                          Community Building Partnership

                          Community Building Partnership of Stark County, Inc. is Stark County’s community development intermediary and is committed to restoring the health and prosperity of Stark County neighborhoods.

                          Healthy Neighborhoods: 

                          City of Canton Down Payment Assistance

                          Aultman Core Asset Area Down Payment Assistance

                          Neighborhood Leaders

                          Housing Counseling: 

                          Financial Fitness

                          Home Buyer Workshop

                          400 Market Ave N
                          Suite 400
                          Canton, OH 44702
                          Office: 330-458-0962
                          Office: 330-458-0962
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                          H.O.P.E. Program

                          Mental health professionals who help individuals complete Intensive Supervision Probation (ISP), reach stabilization and decrease risks for re-offending.

                          115 Central Plaza N
                          Canton, OH 44702
                          Phone: (330) 451-7931
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                          YMCA of Central Stark County

                          Health, education and financial support services to help build strong foundations and strengthen our community. View all local YMCA locations.

                          4700 Dressler Rd NW
                          Canton, OH 44718
                          Phone: (330) 491-9622
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                          SAFY of Ohio: Canton/Akron

                          Community-based support services for Ohio families:

                          • Adoption services
                          • Behavioral health
                          • Family preservation
                          • Older youth services
                          • Therapeutic foster care
                          6279 Frank Ave. NW
                          Canton, OH 44720
                          Phone: (330) 305-1668
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                          Hammer and Nails Inc.

                          Free Home Repairs and Wheelchair Ramp Installations. We help low-income Stark County homeowners with preservation, upkeep, safety, and health-related home repairs.

                          1404 7th St NW
                          Canton, OH 44703
                          Phone: (330) 453-6277
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                          Pathway Caring for Children

                          Pathway is a private agency working with 14 Northeast Ohio Counties. A patient and loving home can make a world of a difference for a child coming from a troubled background. We walk you through every step of your foster care or foster-to-adopt journey. Being a foster parent takes resilience, creativity, flexibility, humor, and love. There is so much room for healing. YOU will be that soft landing spot as children begin to pick up the broken pieces of their lives.

                          4895 Dressler Rd. NW
                          Suite A
                          Canton, OH 44718
                          Phone: (330) 493-0083
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                          COMPASS Rape Crisis

                          24/7 Confidential Hotline: 330-452-1111

                          Mental health, counseling, and case management services for all survivors of rape and sexual assault

                          Confidential Hotline
                          Hospital Advocacy
                          Justice System Advocacy

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                          Boys & Girls Club of Massillon

                          Academic, health and leadership programs that create a safe environment for kids to have fun and be themselves.

                          Programs include a Hot Meal and Smart Move (Evidence-based substance use prevention curriculum and youth development program for school-aged children).

                          730 Duncan St. SW
                          Massillon, OH 44647
                          Phone: (330) 833-4395
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                          Alliance for Children & Families

                          Emergency shelter and permanent supportive housing (referrals through Homeless Hotline) for individuals and families.


                          • Permanent Supportive Housing Project
                          • Emergency Shelter
                          • Affordable Housing
                          • Ending Domestic & Family Violence through STAMP
                          • Financial Literacy
                          • Health and Wellness
                          624 Scranton Ave.
                          Alliance, OH 44601
                          Phone: (330) 821-6332
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                          Community Drop In Center

                          Walk-in service for NARCAN kits every Thursday from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm in partnership with Canton Public Health.

                          Their food pantry is open the second, third, and fourth Fridays each month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

                          1492 Cherry Ave. SE
                          Canton, OH 44707
                          Phone: (330) 456-7692
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                          Massillon City School District

                          Career Technical Education – Helping students to develop professional skills and experience to prepare them for future employment:

                          • Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)
                          • Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
                          • Skills USA
                          • Business Professionals of America (BPA)
                          • Educators Rising
                          • Junior Achievement
                          930 17th St. NE
                          Massillon, OH 44646
                          Phone: (330) 830-3900
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                          Lake Local School District

                          Career programs offered through the Stark Career Compact:

                          • Career-based intervention (CBI)
                          • Health tech
                          • Legal studies
                          • Marketing & business management

                          Performing Arts Summer Spectacular: A unique six-week theater camp for students entering seventh through 12th grade that culminates in the performance of a musical production.

                          436 King Church Ave. SW
                          Uniontown, OH 44685
                          Phone: (330) 877-9383
                          Stark Career Compact: (330) 877-4282
                          Stark Career Compact: (330) 877-4282
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                          Stark County Homeless Hotline

                          24/7 Hotline: 330-452-4363

                          For referrals to free community shelters and other local housing programs.

                          Please allow enough phone time for specialists to conduct an initial assessment review to find information and programs that work best for your needs.

                          The homeless hotline number is a part of Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery.

                          24/7 Hotline: (330) 452-4363
                          24/7 Hotline: (330) 452-4363
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