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  • Education: childhood

    Education helps to set the foundation for a successful life, so it is important for every child in Stark County to learn in a quality, supportive environment. You have options when deciding where and how your child will be educated, and there are many community programs available to help you along the way. Find out what you can do today to help your child thrive tomorrow.

    • Education: youth & teens

      Adolescents and teenagers are at a critical time in their educational journeys. From this point forward, their behavior and academic performance will have a lasting impact on their long-term success. Students at this age establish learning behaviors, studying patterns and goals for their futures. They may also face social or emotional challenges that require more attention and support. Find helpful adolescent education programs and resources for students in school as well as the community members who are influential to their success.

      • Education opportunities: young adults

        After school, it is important for students to look forward to what’s next. Whether they pursue a career, enroll in college or enlist in the armed services, young people have options in choosing their path toward adulthood. Some of these opportunities will require a high school diploma, others may demand a background of skills or training. Either way, emerging adults should have a plan for the future, so they are set up for long-term success.

        • Education resources

          Education resources are available to support the behavior, emotional wellbeing and academic performance of children throughout Stark County. Find programs and services dedicated to providing a strong educational foundation for local students of all ages and abilities.

          • Access to education

            Homeless and runaway youth may struggle with academic and behavioral problems at school. They are more prone to high expulsion and suspension rates and less likely to complete high school. Plus, without proper education, opportunities to obtain meaningful employment are limited. Learn what local support services and resources are available to help young people complete their education and prepare for success in adulthood.

            • Graduation
              Whether your child goes on to a postsecondary education, meaningful employment or a different living arrangement, he or she will need to transition into the “real world.” All three of these present their own challenges and opportunities. You may have discussed some of these prospects with your child and his or her IEP team before graduation. No matter what path your child takes, there are steps regarding medical and legal rights to be considered as your child transitions to adulthood.
              • Adult literacy
                Adult literacy programs are designed to address several important learning areas, including writing, reading, basic math and cultural competency. These programs not only help to support individual success. When more adults in Stark County are literate, the community sees reductions in crime and substance use as well as improved public health and employment rates.
                • High school equivalence
                  Nontraditional students who have not received a high school diploma can pursue similar credit through a High School Equivalence Test (HiSET), Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) or General Equivalency Development (GED) program. These courses allow students to apply for jobs or pursue a college degree that would otherwise require a high school diploma.
                  • CARE Teams

                    School can present many challenges for students. Whether they are struggling in class, experiencing issues in the home or having a hard time socially, CARE Teams are available to help. Each CARE team is different, but they are typically made up of school guidance counselors, administrators, teachers, clinical staff, family support specialists and mental health professionals. With different skills and backgrounds at the table, each member of the CARE Team contributes a unique perspective to address student issues with wraparound resources.

                    • Stark County CARE Teams cover basic needs so students can focus on academics
                      Together, these professionals brainstorm ideas for ways to support children so they can do their best while they’re at school.
                      • Special education services
                        Every child with developmental disabilities has a right to receive a free, appropriate, public education in the least restrictive environment possible. Learn how school districts across Stark Country are supporting students with functional needs through a variety of educational programs and services.
                        • Career & technical education

                          Career and technical education programs prepare students with work-based learning opportunities and academic experience in a variety of fields. These courses are based in local high schools, community centers and technical schools around Stark County. Upon completion, students are equipped with the skills they need to pursue careers in advanced technical fields that require specialized training.

                          • Career counseling
                            In the search for fulfilling work, it’s not uncommon for young adults to be uncertain about how to find career options that match their skills and interests. Learn about local employment resources that help young people in Stark County through every step of the process.
                            • School support resources
                              In order for a student to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential, it is important that they receive support, not just at home, but also in school. Learn about the programs and services available for students in Stark County.
                              • Military education services
                                The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers military and veterans access to various educational assistance programs that are aligned with their career interests and goals. They can choose to pursue a college degree via the GI Bill, enroll in online correspondence courses or explore on-the-job training options.
                                • English as a second language
                                  For students who speak a different language at home and at school, school programs are provided to help them learn English as a second language (ESL). By developing skills for writing, reading and speaking, students are better able to communicate with their teachers and classmates. Learn about the language assistance services available in classrooms.
                                  • Gifted education

                                    Children are identified as gifted when they demonstrate cognitive, creative or leadership ability that is significantly above average for their age. In Stark County, schools provide tailored curriculum and programming to help support and challenge these gifted students. Find more information about gifted education in Stark County.

                                    • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

                                      Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are required to receive special education services in Stark County public schools. These important documents are put together by the teaching staff, parents, school administrators and the students themselves, to prepare for success in school. Included in these plans are details about the child’s learning needs, services required from the school and ways to monitor the student’s progress.

                                      • Transportation for students
                                        Reliable transportation to school and extracurricular activities is critical for academic success. Yet some young people do not have safe, dependable ways to get to and from school. Cost-effective and convenient options are provided through public and private transportation services. Find out how these local resources can meet your daily transportation needs.
                                        • Evaluation Team Report

                                          The Evaluation Team Report (school district evaluation) is essentially the beginning step in the special education process. Before a child can receive educational accommodations and related services, the child must be evaluated to identify developmental delays. Once the evaluation is complete, the child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is assembled by a team including parents, teachers, therapists, behavioral specialists and school administrators.

                                          • Adapted physical education

                                            In Stark County, adapted physical education (APE) is offered to students of all ages when identified as a need on a student’s Individual Education Plan. This promotes progress in all areas of development while providing students with the opportunity to explore and manipulate age-appropriate materials in a safe and nurturing environment. Contact your local school district to learn about the APE and other special education services provided near you.

                                            • Occupational & physical therapy

                                              Occupational and physical therapists support children with disabilities by developing fine and gross motor skills, self-help skills and sensory control. Stark County schools must provide this service when a child’s education needs demonstrate their necessity. Using direct and indirect services, as well as assistive technology and classroom modifications, therapists collaborate with parents, teachers and other intervention specialists to help children reach their full educational potential.

                                              • Itinerant services

                                                Itinerant services are provided for preschool students by intervention specialists or related service providers wherever the child is – at home, at school or in another childcare setting. School districts in Stark County must provide some form of itinerant services to students as part of the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) continuum for preschool. Contact your local school district to learn more about this and other special education services.

                                                • Stark County Educational Service Center Provides Schools with Helpful Resources
                                                  The Stark County Educational Service Center provides schools with helpful resources that support student educational, health and emotional needs.
                                                  • North Canton Students Use Business to Inspire Positivity in and Outside of the Classroom
                                                    A group of students from Hoover High School in North Canton, Ohio, started You Choose, a Junior Achievement business to promote positivity.
                                                    • Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month: A mother and son’s 20-year journey
                                                      I teach about people with disabilities and how Stark DD helps more than 3,900 people, including my son, living in Stark County. Read our story.
                                                      • Importance of Safe Places and Caring Relationships for Our LGBTQ+ Young People

                                                        In honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month, let us take a moment to learn more about what we can do in our personal and professional lives to create safe spaces and caring relationships for our LGBTQ youth (and adults).

                                                        Far too many LGBTQ+ youth do not feel safe and accepted or feel a sense of pride in themselves.  In fact, LGBTQ+ youth experience bullying, parental rejection, depression, and thoughts of suicide at significantly higher rates then their heterosexual peers.

                                                        GiGi’s Playhouse Canton – Down Syndrome Achievement Center

                                                        GiGi’s Playhouse Canton is fulfilling the dream of the Down syndrome community of having a location where individuals with Down syndrome of all ages have a place to call their own, where they feel safe and can explore their abilities through proven programs with support and celebration. Parents no longer feel the anxiety of finding a place where their loved one will be unconditionally accepted and offered opportunity to become their best of all.

                                                        Each participant will grow with the programs at their own pace and interact with their peers in an environment of celebration and achievement. 

                                                        4061 Bradley Circle NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44718
                                                        Phone: (330) 493-9114
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Stark Education Partnership

                                                        Improvement and innovation services to provide all students with access to quality education and careers.

                                                        400 Market Ave. N
                                                        Suite B
                                                        Canton, OH 44702
                                                        Phone: (330) 452-0829
                                                        Learn more

                                                        YWCA Canton

                                                        Provides emergency shelter to the homeless and tools to help them get back on their feet and become self-sufficient

                                                        Also provides early care and education services to children that enhance their development and prepare them to be successful as they transition to kindergarten

                                                        To be placed in housing you must first register with the homeless hotline by calling 330-452-4363

                                                        231 6th St. NE
                                                        Canton, OH 44702
                                                        Phone: (330) 453-7644
                                                        Learn more

                                                        CCS District/Adult Education

                                                        Adult Career & Technical Education

                                                        2800 – 13th St SW
                                                        Canton, OH 44710
                                                        Phone: 330-438-2556
                                                        Phone: 330-438-2556
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Adult Career & Technical Education

                                                        Personal and professional development skills to support adult learners as they obtain industry credentials for career employment in high-demand occupations.

                                                        2800 – 13th St SW
                                                        Canton, OH 44710
                                                        Phone: 330-438-2556
                                                        Phone: 330-438-2556
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Dementia Education and Support Group

                                                        For individuals with a loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia.

                                                        Villa Maria, 122 East College St.
                                                        Alliance, OH 44601
                                                        Phone: (800) 768-6447
                                                        Hours: Thursdays – 7 p.m.
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Goodwill Community Campus

                                                        On the Ken Weber Community Campus

                                                        Employment, education and family strengthening services

                                                        408 9th St. SW
                                                        Canton, OH 44707
                                                        Local: (330) 994-1443
                                                        Toll free: 1 (800) 942-3577
                                                        Toll free: 1 (800) 942-3577
                                                        Learn more

                                                        ABLE (Adult Basic Literacy Education)

                                                        Adult college and career readiness programs offered through Canton City Schools.

                                                        Canton City Schools, 116 McKinley Ave. NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44702
                                                        Phone: (330) 438-2559
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Stark County Community Action Agency

                                                        Emergency HEAP Appointment Line: 330-617-1055
                                                        Summer & Winter Crisis

                                                        Offers employment services, financial support and career counseling to the Stark County community.

                                                        Head Start
                                                        HWAP (Home Weatherization)
                                                        Community Action Pathways HUB
                                                        Work Force Development

                                                        1366 Market Ave. N
                                                        Canton, OH 44714
                                                        Phone: (330) 454-1676
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Massillon City Schools Career Technical Education

                                                        Helping students to develop professional skills and experience to prepare them for future employment:

                                                        • Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)
                                                        • Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
                                                        • Skills USA
                                                        • Business Professionals of America (BPA)
                                                        • Educators Rising
                                                        • Junior Achievement
                                                        1 Paul E. Brown Dr. SE
                                                        Massillon, OH 44646
                                                        Phone: (330) 830-3901, ext. 50206
                                                        Learn more

                                                        CommQuest Canton

                                                        Addiction and mental health counseling, psychiatric services, case management, education and employment services, detox, hot meals, social center

                                                        Learn more

                                                        Stark State College

                                                        Education options for adults in Stark County.

                                                        Adult Options, Stark State College, 6200 Frank Ave. NW
                                                        North Canton, OH 44720
                                                        Phone: (330) 494-6170
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Kids Link

                                                        Individualized education program for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

                                                        899 Frost Rd.
                                                        Streetsboro, OH 44241
                                                        Phone: (330) 963-8600
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Out of the Box

                                                        Education, behavior and social programs for children ages 5 to 22.

                                                        1011 Gorge Blvd
                                                        Unit D
                                                        Akron, OH 44310
                                                        Phone: 330-735-1660
                                                        Phone: 330-735-1660
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Down Syndrome Support Network of Stark County

                                                        Support, advocacy, education and resources for families of children with Down syndrome.

                                                        P.O. Box 1246, 2020 East Maple St. NW
                                                        North Canton, OH 44720
                                                        Phone: (330) 361-0587
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Ohio Guidestone

                                                        Providing counseling, support, advocacy and education with a focus on prevention and treatment.

                                                        401 Tuscarawas St. W
                                                        Canton, OH 44702
                                                        Phone: (440) 234-2006
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Stark Community Foundation

                                                        Building a strong community through economic development, education and strong neighborhoods.

                                                        400 Market Ave. N
                                                        Suite 200
                                                        Canton, OH 44702
                                                        Phone: (330) 454-3426
                                                        Learn more

                                                        La Leche League of Canton

                                                        Breastfeeding support group offering mother-to-mother encouragement, information and education.

                                                        St. Michael's Church, 3430 St. Michael's Blvd. NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44718
                                                        Phone: (330) 495-8992
                                                        Hours: First Friday of the month – 9:45 a.m. to 11 a.m.
                                                        Learn more

                                                        North American Indian Cultural Center

                                                        Employment, education and training opportunities for American Indians and Native Alaskans in Ohio.

                                                        111 West Ave.
                                                        Tallmadge, OH 44278
                                                        Phone: (330) 724-1280
                                                        Learn more

                                                        JRC Learning Center

                                                        Early child care services for children whose parents are working to further their educations.

                                                        2213 14th St. NE
                                                        Canton, OH 44705
                                                        Phone: (330)-454-3471
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Not For Sale Ohio

                                                        Not For Sale is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing human trafficking and providing education to bring awareness to this modern-day tragedy.

                                                        P.O. Box 2344
                                                        North Canton, OH 44720
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Kids’ College at Stark State

                                                        An education-based summer program designed to stimulate creativity and provide unique learning opportunities on a college campus.

                                                        6200 Frank Ave. NW
                                                        North Canton, OH 44720
                                                        Phone: (330) 494-6170
                                                        Learn more


                                                        Music education, nurturing and training for youth who come from low-income, high-risk backgrounds.

                                                        1014 Cleveland Ave. NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44702
                                                        Phone: (330) 546-7724
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Rebecca Stallman Southgate School

                                                        School districts may refer students with intense needs to this separate public education facility for students ages 5 to 22.

                                                        3057 Cleveland Ave. SW
                                                        Canton, OH 44707
                                                        Phone: 330-484-2547
                                                        Phone: 330-484-2547
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Stark County Educational Service Center

                                                        Coordinating education, leadership and professional services throughout Stark County. Visit the Stark County ESC website for more information.

                                                        6057 Strip Avenue NW
                                                        North Canton, OH 44720
                                                        Phone: (330) 492-8136
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Massillon Health Department

                                                        Ensuring the accessibility of health services to all Massillon residents:

                                                        • Preventing communicable diseases
                                                        • Reducing pollution
                                                        • Health education programs
                                                        611 Erie St S
                                                        Massillon, OH 44646
                                                        Phone: (330) 830-1710
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Troop & Family Assistance Center Specialist

                                                        Offers resources and links to veteran programs for jobs, education, health care, legal and financial services. Contact Jennifer Perez, Contractor.

                                                        Office: 614-336-4310
                                                        Office: 614-336-4310
                                                        Mobile: 614-257-7936
                                                        Mobile: 614-257-7936
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Partners Against Trafficking of Humans Stark County

                                                        Volunteers working together to raise awareness, education and advocacy to protect and serve local victims of human trafficking. Learn more on Facebook.

                                                        800 Market Ave. N
                                                        Suite 1150
                                                        Canton, OH 44702
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities

                                                        Helping to support Ohioans with disabilities as they achieve quality employment and independence:

                                                        • Customized employment plans
                                                        • Education
                                                        • Social Security disability determination
                                                        816 30th St. NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44709
                                                        Phone: (330) 438-0500
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Alliance Career Center

                                                        Supporting students with skills and experience to prepare them for employment in their desired career fields through technical training, continued education and career guidance.

                                                        500 Glamorgan St.
                                                        Alliance, OH 44601
                                                        Phone: (330) 829-2267
                                                        Learn more

                                                        YMCA of Central Stark County

                                                        Health, education and financial support services to help build strong foundations and strengthen our community. View all local YMCA locations.

                                                        4700 Dressler Rd NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44718
                                                        Phone: (330) 491-9622
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Planned Parenthood: Canton Health Center

                                                        High-quality, affordable health care and education services:

                                                        • LGBTQ+ services
                                                        • Men’s health
                                                        • STD testing, treatment and vaccination
                                                        • Women’s health
                                                        2663 Cleveland Ave. NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44709
                                                        Phone: (330) 456-7191
                                                        Fax: (330) 456-9679
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Stark County Health Department

                                                        Serves the public health needs of more than 250,000 people in Stark County:

                                                        • Emergency preparedness
                                                        • Environmental health
                                                        • Health education
                                                        • Kids safety
                                                        7235 Whipple Ave. NW
                                                        North Canton, OH 44720
                                                        Phone: (330) 493-9904
                                                        Learn more

                                                        The Arc of Ohio: Northeast Region

                                                        The Arc of Ohio is the voice of people with developmental disabilities, their families, friends of people with disabilities, and those who work with them. The Arc of Ohio is a grassroots organization which advocates for human rights, personal dignity and community participation of individuals with developmental disabilities through legislative and social action, information and education, local chapter supports, and family involvement. The Arc of Ohio can help with IEPs, getting services as well as support for inclusive education and LREs and waiver services for families.
                                                        1401 South Main St
                                                        North Canton, OH 44720
                                                        Phone: (234) 571-5689
                                                        Learn more

                                                        McKinney-Vento Homeless Resources for Awareness

                                                        Grant funding and local liaisons helping to ensure that all children – including those who are homeless – have equal access to the same free and appropriate public education.

                                                        Learn more


                                                        Serving Stark County employers and job seekers with access to all community partner programs, education, training, counseling and employment opportunities. Visit the website to learn more.

                                                        822 30th St. NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44709
                                                        Phone: (330) 433-9675
                                                        Learn more

                                                        The Pregnancy & Parenting Center

                                                        Accurate, up-to-date information and pregnancy support:

                                                        • Pregnancy testing
                                                        • Limited ultrasound
                                                        • STD testing
                                                        • First prenatal visit
                                                        • Community referrals
                                                        • Education and resources
                                                        • Post-abortion counseling
                                                        4500 22nd St. NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44708
                                                        Call: (330) 455-7500
                                                        Text: (330) 961-1772
                                                        Learn more


                                                        Formerly Foundations

                                                        Promoting recovery through peer support, education, advocacy and networking.

                                                        Peer ran Respite Unit is based on short-term, in-house stay for those struggling with mental health and addiction recovery issues.

                                                        Free(no insurance necessary or accepted)

                                                        Also offers classes in person or via zoom with a possible $45.00 Walmart card stipend for attending 20 classes.

                                                        Additional locations:

                                                        227 Third St. SE,

                                                        116 Cleveland Avenue NW
                                                        Suite 200
                                                        Canton, OH 44702
                                                        Phone: (330) 454-2888
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities

                                                        MUI Hotline: 330-477-4477 – If you believe a person with disabilities is at reasonable risk for harm

                                                        Funds and services to support the health, safety and education of people with developmental disabilities including:
                                                        Self Advocacy
                                                        Respite Care

                                                        2950 Whipple Ave. NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44708
                                                        Phone: (330) 477-5200
                                                        Intake: (330) 479-3582
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Alliance Pregnancy Center

                                                        These confidential, cost-free services include:

                                                        • Abortion Information
                                                        • Adoption Agency Referrals
                                                        • Adoption Information
                                                        • Maternity & Infant Supplies
                                                        • Medical Referrals
                                                        • Parenting Education
                                                        • Post-Abortion Support
                                                        • Pregnancy Options Information
                                                        • Pregnancy Tests
                                                        • STD/STI Information
                                                        • Support for Men
                                                        • Ultrasound (Onsite)*
                                                        75 Glamorgan St.
                                                        Suite 102
                                                        Alliance, OH 44601
                                                        Phone: (330) 821-7283
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Catholic Charities

                                                        Emergency rent and utility assistance for Stark County residents: call Monday – Friday between 9 and 10 a.m.

                                                        Through tangible assistance and other essential services, Catholic Charities affirms human dignity, meets basic human needs, strengthens families, builds communities, and empowers others to transform their lives.

                                                        800 Market Ave. N
                                                        Suite 1150
                                                        Canton, OH 44702
                                                        Phone: (330) 491-0896
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC)

                                                        The Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC) promotes healthy development through family strengthening and early education resources:

                                                        • Child care information and referrals
                                                        • Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK) kindergarten readiness program
                                                        • Professional development resources for educators
                                                        • Home and group-based learning opportunities
                                                        • Developmental screenings and community resource connections

                                                        Find a list of child care programs in Stark County here. 

                                                        1718 Cleveland Ave. NW
                                                        Canton, OH 44703
                                                        Phone: (330) 491-3272
                                                        Phone: 1-877-691-8521
                                                        Learn more

                                                        Early Explorers Educational Child Care

                                                        Supporting children, ages birth to 12, with hands-on activities necessary to strengthen social, emotional, physical and kinesthetic development.

                                                        3775 Wales Ave. NW
                                                        Massillon, OH 44646
                                                        Phone: (330) 481-4097
                                                        Learn more